Our clients’ satisfaction means everything...

"… Brian proposed to me....and I was happier than I had ever been. That night I cried myself to sleep in fear of telling my mother. Planning our wedding was sure to be a horrible experience. Then you came on the scene and everything changed. There are no words to express how thankful I am for all you have done for Brian and me. You have made me the happiest girl in the world. "
Love, Shoshanah

" Well, it is almost two weeks since Michael's bar mitzvah and the accolades are still pouring in. Guests have written such high praises as, "the best party I have ever been to in my life" or "this was the best time my husband and I have had in years" or "my son can't stop talking about Michael's party, he had such a fantastic time" or "the bar mitzvah was perhaps the warmest and most spiritual I have ever attended" or " everything, and I mean, everything, was absolutely perfect."
Fondly, Randi

"I want to thank you again for all your work in putting together such a perfect weekend. From setting up the logistics and selecting the tablecloths, to handling the ever-changing guest list and the close call with the band, I can't thank you enough! And what's more, you managed to do it all while still maintaining you wonderful disposition. Chris and I are so grateful - we had a fabulous time at the wedding because of you!"
Thanks again and all the best, Eve

"Dear Ayran, You took charge, understood my needs and taste, and in essence, washed away all my fears. You made sure that I could always reach you, and knowing how nervous and anxious mom's can be, you also gave me every possible phone number I would ever need in order to find you. I am sure you understand the level of comfort this provides. Your patience with my numerous phone calls was unending. And then we get to the really spectacular part of it all. Allison's Bat Mitzvah was an incredible event. There was no detail left to chance, the flowers, the favors, the poster sign-in board, the baskets in the bathrooms, the list goes on and on. It was perfection."
My warmest regards and thanks, Shari

"Ayran, you did everything you promised, and more! You told me that you wanted the party to reflect our family...it did! You told me you wanted us to enjoy ourselves....did we ever! You told me you wanted the planning process to be smooth and enjoyable...it was! You were and absolute dream to work with. You were a constant source of ideas and solutions. You never stopped working or trying to make everything perfect. You found the best vendors and made it easy to work with them. Out of all the possibilities, you had an unerring sense of what would work for our family. You listened to everything I had to say and always willing to work with me. You stayed an island of calm amidst massive activity. I can't wait to plan another one!"
Fondly, Randi